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With an audience comprising high quality job seekers just like you, we only list quality vacancies and roles that include Hotel Management, Front Office, Sales & Marketing, Revenue Management, Service & Bar, Food & Beverage Management, Kitchen, Housekeeping and Spa among others.



How to use Avytage Hotel Jobs

There are many ways you can use Avytage Hotels Jobs to find your ideal vacancy.


You can search jobs live and online by keyword, by job role, location or category. You can even search in the country's language you are looking for your next opportunity.


Whichever method you choose, you can be assured that your application will be directly with the relevant employer.

Your CV is your entrance-fee to a new job. Whatever you do, keep this in mind.

1. CV is your own Marketing tool (Be aware how you present yourself on paper or electronically)

2. Don´t use European CV templates. Have you ever noticed they all look boringly the same

3. Be creative: Use a different layout than normally; use some, but not bright colours

4. Why not use logos of the places you´ve been working for (makes it even more colourful, but in a professional way)

5. Never forget: Creativity is needed in all departments in the hospitality.

So make sure your CV reflects that. It also makes you stand out from other applicants.

6. Have a nice and professional looking picture (be dressed properly - not with jumper and jeans). No matter for which department you are applying for.

7. Try that your CV reflect your personality.

8. Give solid reasons why you are fitting in the new job and why you are actually applying for it. Could be in the CV or the cover letter

9. Be honest throughout your CV.


We all learn through life and we will never stop learning. If you can´t do something what is required in a vacancy than say so. But also tell them you´ll like to learn it and what you can offer already.


Country Life

is more than just to work in a hotel.

Depend at the destination, most hotels offer such as
fishing and shooting  falconry, tennis, croquet and archery.  skiing, sailing, hiking & biking to horse riding, climbing,  yachting, yoga and golfing and much more.
It's all there for you.