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Advertise your vacancy and start receiving applications from Avytage candidates immediately.

  •       > Standard job ad: €99.00

    * Listed for 30 days
    * No frills job advertisement
    * Includes logo and link to your website
    * Direct online applications
    * SEO friendly text editing

  •       > Premium advert: €114.00

    * Listed for 30 days and as a Premium for 7 days

    * Highlighted style in the job listing

    * Prominent position on the homepage

  •       > Big discounts for bulk purchases

    * €188 for a two (2) jobs bundle listed each for 30 days
    * €267 for a three (3) jobs bundle listed each for 30 days
    * €336 for a four (4) jobs bundle listed each for 30 days 
    * €400 for a five (5) jobs bundle listed each for 30 days 
    * €750 for a ten (10) jobs bundle listed each for 30 days

    *€1050 for a fifteen (15) jobs bundle listed each for 30 days 
    * € 1950 for a thirty (30) jobs bundle listed each for 30 days

  •       > Job of the week featured jobs

    * Prominent position on homepage

    * Highlighted box with your logo displayed

    * €45 for 7 days

    * Contact us for availability


At Avytage you have several possibilities to advertise for employment vacancies.


You do not pay in a lump sum covering all situations, consequently paying for somethings you may not require.  Prices are arranged according to a number of entities; e.g. the quantity of advertisements and the length of time the ad is placed on the job board.


Do you require assistance in order to save time?  In that case we process the advertisement on our job board for you.


In a cost-free consultation, without any obligation we discuss your goals together and which measures would be necessary for you to reach your objective.


The result of this discussion would establish which investment you would need to make to reach the objective you have in mind.




There is almost nothing in this world, that somebody can make cheaper. And the people that orientate themselves on price alone fall prey to such dealings.


It is unwise to pay too much but it is also not wise to pay too little. If you pay too much, you lose money, that's all. However, if you pay too little you may lose everything as the article you purchased may not fulfill the task as planned.


The laws of the economy generally rule out value on low priced items…….


That just does not work.  If you accept the lowest offer, you also have to accept the risk of getting value for money and may in the end have to pay more.  If you do that, then you would otherwise have sufficient money to pay for something better.